Chicken Barbecue Fundraiser, Bull Head Point, Sunday, August 30

Show your support of the Fulton Public Library by purchasing advance tickets for our Chicken Barbecue Fundraiser at the Bullhead Point Gazebo and Boardwalk.  The event will take place on Sunday, August 30 (11:00 until ???).  The cost of a ticket is $10.00 per dinner.  All funds raised will be used to support Fulton Public Library renovations.  Pre-sale dinners must be picked up 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  Tickets may be purchased at the front desk of the Fulton Public Library.  Thank you for your support!


Bingo at Michaud Nursing Home, Monday, August 3 (6:30 PM)

Join the Teen Group from the Fulton Public Library in assisting with bingo at Michaud Nursing Home on Monday, August 3rd at 6:30 PM.  Volunteers will play bingo with the residents and assist them as needed.  Those involved will also distribute handmade cards to the residents.  Everyone should meet at Michaud, 453 Park St., Fulton, NY.

For more information contact Vanessa Langdon at or ask a librarian.

Can't make it to Bingo...

Summer Reading Program: "Every Hero has a Story," is Underway

The summer reading program started on June 30th and will continue until August 11th.  Summer reading programs are filled with fun-filled activities and programs and they help to support continued learning during the summer months away from school.  Children can collect tickets for prizes by registering, attending programs, and for every 15 minutes spent reading.  We have collected prizes from local sponsors as an incentive for reading.


Fulton Memoirs Project: Help Us to Document Local History (Thursdays at 6:30, June and July)

The 3rd annual Fulton Memoirs Project is underway.  This year's focus is on Fulton's community service providers: firefighters, police, road crews, rescue teams, and elected officials.  Help us to document the memories that the history books don't tell by joining us at one of the events listed below to share your memories and listen to others tell theirs.


Star Wars Book and Movie Club: Begins Friday, July 24 (10:30 AM)

Star Wars Episdoe VII: The Force Awakens will premiere on December 18, 2015.  The Star Wars Book and Movie club seeks to explore the creative process that goes into making a major motion picture.  Members will be reading a novel from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  There will be discussions on science fiction, the new film, the old films, the future films, the television series, video games, graphic novels, books, screen writing, marketing, the actors, George Lucas, J. J. Abrams, and the cultural influence of Star Wars to different generations (after all some parents may be more excited than their children to see the new movie).

Cool Book Society meets Thursday, July 16 (11:30)

The Cool Book Society is a free form book club (and much more) for teens.  The Cool Book Society will feature activities including: reading and discussing books, swapping books, super hero week, movie nights, literary trivia, writing letters to favorite authors, local field trips, and any suggested activities.  The goal is to have fun, meet new friends, learn new ideas, and have a good time.  Find and like the Cool Book Society (CBS) on Facebook.  Meetings will be held each Thursday in the Teen Section of the Fulton Public Library.

Superhero Training Camp, Monday, July 20 (10 AM)

In a world fraught with danger and evil where will the new generation of superheroes emerge?  Superhero Training Camp - that's where.  Superhero cadets will be engaged in a series of challenging activities designed to bring out the best of their latent superpowers.  Cadets will design their and create their attire, develop their super-talents, and emerge as certified superheroes.  Are you up to the challenge?  Cadets are ordered to report to the Fulton Public Library each Monday at 10 AM.  Those cadets who show exceptional grit will be eligible to win gifts and prizes.

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