The Susan Martin Civil War Collection

The Fulton Public Library is happy to announce the addition of many books on the subject of the Civil War.  These books were made available through a generous donation from the family of Susan Martin, a civil war book collector and patron of the library.  These books will serve to broaden our resources on the greatest conflict in our nation's history.

Lower Fines and Expanded Renewals

The Fulton Public Library is happy to announce that our late fee's on DVD's have been reduced from $1.00 a day to 0.20¢.  In addition you may now renew DVD's for an additional 7 day loan period and you may also renew audiobooks for an additional 14 day loan period.  Life can get busy so we hope these changes will help you to enjoy your library loans.


Early Literacy Story Times, every Tuesday and Friday (10 AM)

The library is continuing our very popular story times and craft activities for Pre-K children.  On Tuesday (10 AM), we have Story Time and Friday (10 AM), we feature ABC story hour with a focus on learning letters and the alphabet.  These story hour programs are designed to help children learn early literacy skills such as print recognition, phonics, vocabulary, and narrative skills.  Research has shown that children with developed early literacy skills have an easier transition into the school environment, which can result in future academic success.

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