Fulton Public Library Capital Campaign

The Fulton Public Library, a gift from Andrew Carnegie, was opened in February 1906.  The building is listed on the New York State and National Register of Historic Places (1999).  Time, wear and tear, and the elements have left our building in a condition that requires some much needed maintenance and rehabilitation.  The Fulton Public Library Board of Trustees has initiated a capital campaign to raise funds in order to address these needs.  It is hoped that community support will allow us to successfully compete for New York State construction grants.  These grants can provide up to 75 percent of approved costs of construction, renovation, and rehabilitation of public libraries.  Thus, a gift to our campaign can result in matching funds that increase the value of the individual donation.  The library will also be pursuing other grant opportunities to assist in this process.  The goal is to raise $50,000 to begin the process of restoring this historic landmark.  

The library wishes to express a big thank you to those individuals and institutions that have generously donated to the campaign. We're in the process of creating a display in the library for all of those that have donated to our current capital campaing. Stay tuned for updates and pictures!

Progress So Far:

June 2016: Building Condition Report completed (Funding: Special Legislative Grant)

September 2016: Front exterior of library painted

April 2017: Exterior painting of the library completed.  Glazing added to windows.

August 2017: 100 year old meeting room table refinished

August 2017: Peeling wallpaper in the public computer room removed, walls refinshed and painted. (Funding: State and Municipal Facilities Program [SAM] Grant)

August 2017: Fluorescent light fixtures replaced with energy efficient LED bulbs (NYS Library Construction Grant...pending 2018)

September 2017: Roof maintenance performed: Slates and flashing repaired, drainage improved, repair work to metal cornice performed, and a leakage problem in the elevator shaft was fixed.  (Funding: State and Municipal Facilities Program [SAM] Grant)

September 2017: Chimney bricks repointed and made more stable.  Unfortunately, the repairs revealed that the north chimney has had its interior flue collapse due to extensive water damage.  The chimney was wrapped in a rubber sleeve to avoid further damage until we can get the chimney rebuilt and sealed against further water infiltration.  (Partially funded by a 2017 NYS Library Construction Grant)

September 2017: Flooring in mezzanine replaced and worn carpet runner to same mezzanine replaced.  The entrance floor tile was replaced with a vinyl sheet floor due to moisture seepage into the children's room.  Carpet on Children's room stairway replaced. (Funding: State and Municipal Facilities Program [SAM] Grant)

February 2020: Boiler room in sub-basement was enclosed with a fire-rated wall as part of a safety initiative. Funding for this came from the NYS Public Library Construction Grant. 

To donate to the Fulton Public Library Capital Campaign you can send us a check by mail, made out to the Fulton Public Library and write "Capital Campaign" in the memo, or click the button below!